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BanDJ Minimix Show

BanDJ Minimix Show

On air:
Saturday-Sunday 13.00 – 14.00

About the show:
András Nagy aka. BanDJ, has been spinning records, CDs and nowadays also CDs and CDs on thumb drives since 1991. As a resident DJ, he is a member of the DJ team of the legendary Morrison's Clubs in Budapest, but he also plays regularly at clubs and festivals in the countryside and other Budapest venues. During his career, he has always played not only current hits but also thematic parties where nostalgia - retro in today's fashionable terms - has been the main theme, and over time this has become his heart and perhaps his trademark. The principle behind the mixes is to save the undeservedly forgotten hits of the past for posterity, so the mini-mixes include rarities and specialities alongside the best-known songs. In this one-hour Minimix Show, we take a look at over a hundred compilations that have been created.

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