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A Showder Klub bemutatja…

A Showder Klub bemutatja...

A Showder Klub bemutatja…

On air:
- Monday - Friday 20.00-22.00

About the show:

Who doesn't know the classic stand-up comedy show - that is, stand up and talk. The genre has its roots overseas, but it's also popular in Western Europe. The show features some of the country's most talented comedians. Among others, László Hadházi, Ádám Kiss, Zoltán Kőhalmi, Péter András Kovács, István Dombóvári, Péter Aranyosi, Tibor Bödőcs, Attila Csenki, Dénes Benk, Péter Felméri, András Somogyi, Péter Janklovics and many others will make us laugh, every weekday evening for 2 hours.

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